Guides to the best Facebook ID Verification Tricks that Work in 2021

Many people seek to find out the best ID verification tricks for Facebook for several reasons. 

  • Verify accounts 
  • Recovering their Facebook accounts on their android phones

When seeking this solution, people use several measures, such as working with 

Reasons why you Facebook account was disabled

  • Used a nickname 
  • Fake name that couldn’t be verified.
  • Reported by someone
  • Used an automatic comment
  • Reactor bot liker.

Types of Facebook verification 

There are  4 kinds of verification that I experienced myself

  • Facebook photo verification
  • Facebook phone number verification
  • Facebook ID verification
  • Facebook Video Selfie Verification

Some other times, you might be nervous about uploading your ID card, and you wonder how to go about it.

Facebook ID Verification Tricks to recover your Facebook Account

1. Log into your Facebook Account

When you log into your account, you’ll see a notification stating ‘Let us Know.’ Choose the option and you’ll see the form which you should fill. Upload an ID you had made earlier and then click on the ‘Submit’ option.

When filling this form, you’re expected to use an email address that’s connected to your Facebook account. The Facebook team will send a message to your email about recovering your account.

2. Search your details

Another way you can handle your verification is to search for your account on the app or a web browser by entering your email address or username in the search box. You can find your account by entering your details here

Once you enter your details, you will receive a confirmation code from Facebook to either the phone number or email address you had provided earlier.

If you face any problem when trying to access your account, you will see the option tagged ‘I no longer have access to this and you can click on it.

3. Add a new email

Sometimes, your account might have been hacked, and the person/people might change your email or number. When this happens, recovery might prove difficult for you.

Verification is hardly possible without any contact information, so you’ll need at least an email. Visit this link, choose the option that says ‘I cannot access my email address/email’ 

When you do this, Facebook will avail you of an opportunity to add a new email address. Once you do this successfully, you can verify your account and reclaim your account.

4. Using the link for hacks

If someone hacked your Facebook account and is probably posting wrong or spam messages, then you should use this link.

 Using this link, you can reset your password in no time and recover your account without much ado.

5. Direct Email to Facebook

In some peculiar situations, all the methods we have listed above might prove abortive or unsuccessful. When this happens, the other option is to send a direct email to Facebook and tell them of your situation.

Send an email to, include relevant information about your problem, and let them know how to reach you. 

It’s pertinent to note that you’ll have to attach a valid ID card or passport alongside your email, to help them verify your details.   

This method often takes a few weeks, so you’ll need to be patient while they review your email.

Disabled account with pretending report

One peculiar situation with account disability you might experience is Receiving a pretending report alongside your disabled account. 

When this happens, you cannot create a new Facebook account. Even if you get a new ID, it would be disabled often and again. 

The primary reason for such ID suspension is that a person has cloned your account and is using your identity somewhere.

When you create a new Facebook account, upload many pictures of yourself, and ensure that the pictures show your face and other features from several angles.

Upload many pictures, especially recent photographs, and set the privacy at ‘Only Me’. That way, you’re the only one who gets to see these pictures.

Verifying your Facebook account with a Fake ID card

There are many reasons why you might need an Fake ID card to verify your Facebook account. 

  • It could be because you are underage, and you don’t need any form of identification to verify your Facebook account.
  • It could also be because you used a fake name on your Facebook profile and it doesn’t match with any ID you have.

While it is a fact that Facebook accepts many kinds of cards, the best card for verification is a Driver’s license or a National Identity Card. 

How to Make a Fake ID that works for Facebook Verification

Now, let’s talk about making fake IDs that actually work. This process will cost you some money, and you’ll need to use a few special apps, including 

  • Phonoto
  • Picsart
  • Touch Retouch.

Amongst these apps, the Touch-retouch app is paid, and it comes with great features.

  • Touch retouch – you can take writings off ID cards
  • Phonto – has a wide range of fonts, and can help you write in any font of your choice.
  • Picsart – helps you to place your pictures on the ID card. This App also has beautiful features.

Now that we know what apps we need, let’s look at the steps you’ll follow to create your fake ID.

How to creat your fake id

STEP THREE: Once you capture a clear picture, install and set up your Touch Retouch App. Select the album option and go through your pictures to open the picture you had captured earlier.

STEP FOUR: After uploading the photo, click on the left-bellow option. Use this feature to slowly clear out every letter in the name and birth date section on the ID card. Ensure you take note of the original fonts you are erasing so that you can replace them properly when replacing the information on the ID card.

Avoid using the wrong fonts for your ID cards because the wrong font can get you into issues. Fonts are crucial, and you must pay attention to them.

STEP FIVE: Once you have selected the right fonts, move to the Phonto app and get to work. Fill in your name, birth date, and other information. Ensure that your edited card looks the same as the real ID card with the same font, color, and other details as the original ID card.

STEP SIX: Open the Picsart application and open the ID card you’re currently editing. Use this app to add your passport photograph to the card.

STEP SEVEN: While on Picsart, use the beauty feature to remove the original picture from the card. You can do this by clicking on blemish fix and expand the size to remove the entire photograph. Next, you make the photo section transparent, so that you can add your passport photograph.

Proceed to add your photograph on the transparent picture, add then upload your passport photograph on that space. Take note of the color and opacity, and then, ensure that the size fits.

STEP EIGHT: The final step, which separates an ID card that Facebook will accept from one that they will reject, is the printing process.

Visit a computer shop to print your fake ID card in the normal card size, with the right materials for printing ID cards. The printed card will definitely look real to you, Facebook, and anyone else who sees it.

After printing, you can now capture the ID card and upload it for verification purposes. Rest assured that it’ll be accepted, and you can recover your account.

Facebook photo verification for multiple accounts

Because some scammers and notorious people on Facebook like to create multiple accounts for their illegal activities, Facebook has clamped down on owning multiple accounts. Even if you are a respectable person who simply needs more than one account, Facebook will not allow you to do that. The application uphold a strict rule that says ‘one account for every user’

So let’s imagine you want to set up another account, and you need to bypass Facebook photo verification for the new application. There’s a simple trick that works for it, and in a short while too!

Facebook photo verification trick that works!

STEP ONE: Select a picture you wish to use for the face. It could be a picture of someone you know or one you got off the internet. Whatever the case might be, select a high-quality picture.

STEP TWO: Get an editing application that works, and that you can trust. There is no specific editing application, but you can choose from the wide range available.

STEP THREE: Edit the face on the photograph you have gotten. Adjust the face shape, eye distance, and other things, while ensuring to maintain a clear picture and high quality. Facebook needs to detect the nose, ears, eyes, and other features on the face, so don’t mess that up.

It is pertinent to give a disclaimer at this point, because the photo verification trick may or may not work for you, depending on your editing skills and how creative you can get with the image.

I have made cartoon face images using a website many times. Some face verifications were successful, while some others were not.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How long does identity verification take?

It is not easy to stipulate a particular time because it could take Facebook anywhere from a few hours to several days when considering your ID verification. Be patient, and also careful with your ID card, because Facebook will only respond to you thrice.

What types of ID cards does Facebook accept?

There’s a long list of ID cards accepted by Facebook for verification. However, the most common ones include the National Identity Card, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, Voter’s Card, and School ID Card.

If you want a swift response from Facebook and a positive response, then you should opt for an international passport, a National ID card, Driving License, or Voter Card.

Why does Facebook need me to upload an image of myself?

Sometimes, Facebook asks its users to upload their pictures when they are trying to identify an account owner. They also do this to find out if you operate multiple accounts. If you do, they will disable the newest account.

How can I bypass Facebook id verification?

Many a time, Facebook asks users to verify their ID using a phone number. This situation happens because they understand that many people use fake emails to set up Facebook accounts. 

You can get a free number and verify your identity using a fake number with the help of TextNow and other apps where you can get free numbers. Search the play store for such apps, and you’ll be able to get a second number for your ID verification, although it’ll cost you a few dollars.

How can I handle a disabled account with pretending reports?

If Facebook disables your account and leaves a pretending report, then you need to upload a government ID card with your face on it. Facebook will review the ID before activating your account.

Final Words

It has been an exciting discourse through all that you need to know and do about Facebook account recovery and how to make a fake ID Card. Now that you have this information at your fingertips, I hope that they help you to recover Facebook accounts and prevent scammers from taking advantage of your account.

If you have any questions, concerns, and comments, please feel free to leave a message and let me know what problem you face.