Best Websites to Get a Fake ID – Surface Web VS Dark Web

If you are looking for a high quality fake ID. The normal websites would charge about $100/per, but on the dark web (Dream Market), Ids go for around 200 dollars . Does anyone know if there’s significant difference in performance?

Forged identity documents have become more popular because of their versatility. Sellers can operate on the surface Web or in Onionland, which is a hidden part of the internet devoted entirely to these illicit products A new formfake ID has emerged due

Fake ID sellers on the cybermarket

The research showed that there are three main types of sellers:

  • Group A: Website owners – Verified Sellers (those with an online shop and verified on Social Media); C – Non verified Traders. It is possible to identify each group in terms of how they use social media for marketing purposes as well as what their website looks like both externally from other users through search engines such a Google or Bing.
  • Group B: Email Sellers – The group of individuals that spam forums with advertisement to publicize their products are often referred to as “email sellers” and it is estimated that 85% will be scammers. This means they’re not really interested in the product itself, but rather how much money can make off people who have no idea what’s going on behind-the-scenes!
  • Group C: Onion vendors – There are many different types of people that live in the world, but few can call themselves pioneers. This person is one such individual- they’re active on Silk Road and Sheep with their business cards for sale; giving buyers what they need without fear or favor because it’s just right: onions – lotsa’onions…

Surface Web VS Dark Web

The surface web is like the top of an ocean, and can be seen easily. The deep web lies below that in deeper parts of an even larger body called “the net.” Unlike regular websites which are accessed through traditional methods like typing addresses into your browser or printing them off as a map with directions for navigating around it (so basically just one layer), these two less accessible areas would have been both found using special technologies such as encryption keys used by those who want to maintain anonymity online – otherwise known as darknet sites

Surface Web

There are two kinds of web accessible to the general public: surface and deep. The “deep web” includes content that is not indexed by standard search engines such as Google or Bing because it does not contain any links, addresses or [+/-] symbols in its URL address field; however these URLs can still be accessed with special software which utilize hidden resources on other websites

A website owner must be able to manage a team of people who have specific functions. These include sourcing materials for products or creating forged documents, among others.

All blogs and websites have a homepage that provides links to products, prices for contact details or FAQ’s. Sellers of forged documents argue their intention is just fun without any unlawful activity so it shouldn’t be used in this way by people who are looking at buying fake identification cards with illegal intentions.

Dark Web

The Dark Web is a hidden part of the internet that can only be accessed through special software, encrypted websites and hosted anonymously. Most dark web pages are also located on TOR servers which makes them very difficult for anyone without login information about those sites or an active account to see what they contain within their virtual walls

The sellers in Onionland are organised differently than on the surface Web. First, they ask clients to register themselves with a username and password then it is possible for them get access to all contents of their website without having any registration whatsoever!

The service is limited, as the companies only sell passports from a small group of selected nations. However they do accept Bitcoins for payment and offer discounts if you buy more than one document at once!

The only accepted form of payments are bitcoins – it seems this company wants its clients to be ultra-secure when making their transactions online (or even offline). They also provide special deals on multiples purchases so that customers can get what they want without breaking bank!

Recommended reliable website from surface websites

I’m not an expert in this field, but if you are fine waiting then I would say that IDGod or IDSHubs is your best bet. He doesn’t have the fastest delivery or anything like that–in fact sometimes they take awhile because some states can be really tricky when it comes down to getting them done right- however he’ll always end up bringing those deliveries home with him for us!

If you want to get the best products at a faster rate, then fakeidvendors is where it’s at. You’ll find lots of options and reviews from buyers who have used their service before will help make your decision easier too! And don’t forget about how cool they are with returns- if something doesn’t work out or simply changes preferences for whatever reason there isn’t any hassle; just send back within 30 days for free shipping both ways so long as product remains new condition

To find a best fake id vendor, you can go on their VVL list and look at how many years they have been delivering product. The longer the duration of time an establishment has had to provide services in your area becomes more likely it will be valuable for what you need done as opposed to someone else’s newer shop down the street with less experience under his belt or even outstate where there isn’t much competition yet!

Buying a fake id from dark web

The Darkweb provides a safe haven for high-quality fakes, but since the shutdown of alphabay it’s become more risky. IDSHUBS and websites like that will pull through with their fake IDs to get you drugs on underground marketplaces such as

  • Silk Road
  • Hansa Market respectively

however customer service isn’t exactly top notch so be sure order plenty at once if possible! The surface web also has its share flaws where buyers beware:

sometimes poor quality comes back around from batch issues rather than any one specific vendor because this happens often enough not mattering until someone gets ripped off by receiving defective product then letting law enforcement know about them which leads us right into our next point…

The darknet markets (especially those on Tor) offer ways around these risks by allowing buyers protection against fraudsters using their real name when purchasing goods such as firearms in an effort make sure no one else can use them either legally or illegitimately- so take some precautions like researching where these sites exist before signing up; often times there will even be feedback sections where people report problems they’ve had buying

I’ll give you the truth of what is most likely going to happen if I try and pull this off.

  • The chances of your debit card number getting sold to a Russian hacker are 93% after you finish using it.
  • If that doesn’t work, there’s also 2%. The FBI might be phishing for punks like us who try this kind of thing–they’ll put both on watch lists now!
  • 1.8% chance they just want to get your home address so that you can be raped in the future with impunity, but rest assured this is rare!
  • The other % are probably trying their best and providing a service for which people pay handsomely – such as getting alcohol early (or whatever).


The internet provides a virtual marketplace where 70% of sellers are likely scammers. As cybercrime thrives, so does forged identity documents on the black market thanks to its anonymity and lack of physical distance in cyberspace; these features create an environment that benefits fraudsters greatly—enabled by modern technology like bitcoin currency payments for international transactions!

IDGOD has every state, but shipping slowly and no customer service. IDSHUBS 30 states with fast shipping and customer service 24/7 available. and we don’t suggest buy from Dark Web.