Fake ID Reviews

There are many scammers on the Internet, they only take money and do not send goods,Due to the particularity of the industry, many deceived people cannot find a place to lodge a complaint,It is a very important thing to finding a reliable seller.

How to prove that we are a reliable seller

We will prove from the following aspects
  • Payment option
  • We resell to other online vendor and dropship to their customers
  • We can give our guests first-class prices, which can not achieved by reseller
  • Time consuming

Payment option

We take paypal payment, we also accept deposit payment bitcoin only for photo of id.

What is a deposit payment and how it work

deposit is the upfront payment made before the “Photo of ID” is completed, A down payment is an amount typically paid when you confirm your order. How it work

  1. Workflow submitted – Customer
  2. Approve processing, we’ll notice the status of order to customers in 24 hours
  3. Uploading photo of ID in 2-3 days once payment approved
  4. Approve processing by customers – Customer
  5. Ship the ID once approved by customers
  6. Sendding the tracking number
  7. Review and Feedback from customers – Customer

All the above steps are operated in order status page, what the customer has to do is a simple three-step operation

  1. Order form submission
  2. Approve or Reject
  3. Review & Feedback

Resell and dropshipping

The wholesaler provides us with order information, and we send it directly to his customers after we have done it


Example, above reseller, we gave them price $40.00 for usps, $50.00 for DHL Fast shipping, they resells $110.00 for usps, $170.00 for DHL Fast shipping

Time Consuming

We need to spend an extra 3 days to process the customer information they submit to us, they don’t organize it themselves,So the time you receive the goods will be at least 3 days later than buying directly from us