How to get and use a Fake ID from DMV without getting caught

All thanks to fake IDs, you don’t get left out of fun activities, alcohol, and parties. No matter how many months remain until you turn twenty-one, if you can find someone to share their identity,

  • such as a sibling who has the same face, eye color, face shape, and height as you, then you’re good to go.
  • If you find someone who has similar features that could pass for yours, then the next thing is to approach them and plead with them to give you.
  • I was lucky to get someone who gave me her old DMV and made a new ID while claiming she lost the old one.

It is important to note that using a real ID that belongs to someone else is better than making a totally fake ID as you have a higher chance of getting caught. If you want to use a fake ID for many years before your twenty-first birthday, then you need to be really careful. Here are some smart ways to use your fake ID card like it’s a real one. Let’s get to the steps:

Commit the card information to memory

If you want to get through with your fake ID, memorize everything on the card including,

  • Date of birth,
  • Address,
  • Height and everything notable.

You can try testing yourself when you’re drunk to make sure you don’t forget your zip code after a few bottles.

Get an old debit or credit card that matches the ID

If you can, borrow another form of ID from the person who gave you your fake ID. Pulling out a debit card with the same name or even a student ID is a sure way to convince any bouncer that you are who you claim to be. 

Avoid bars that have a repute for catching fakes

Some bouncers will always be more observant than others. If there is any club that catches fakes often, avoid them and go somewhere easier. There’s no use putting yourself in more danger.

Be friendly with the bouncer or get someone who is

If you are friendly with the bouncers or have friends who never have to stay in line, always go with them as a group. You’ll probably not have to show your ID at all, and even if you do, it won’t be scrutinized.

Know the star sign of the fake ID date

Yes, some bouncers are smart enough to ask for your star sign based on the birth date on your fake ID. If you get caught mentioning your real star sign, then you’re in trouble.

Ensure your friends are in on it

If you’re going to be doing any name-calling while you’re out, remind your friends to call you by the name on your ID, or get ready to get caught.

Be cautious about using it

Going about with a fake ID is risky, no matter how similar your features are to those on the card. Rather than visiting an alcohol store four times to get two bottles of beer each, go once and buy eight bottles. Have your adult friends buy for you sometime, and only use the card when there’s no other option.

Keep it rolling

When you’re finally twenty-one, do the same for a sibling or someone who can pass for you so they can have fun too.
If you follow these steps closely and add a lot of confidence, then you’re on your way to having some under-aged fun.