How to take a good DMV Driver License Visa DL Identification ID Card Photo

We will introduce how to use the editing tool to remove the background and makup background to make a professional driver license identification card photo, and Wearing requirements for ID photos

Photo Requirments & Tips for U.S Passport Visa Driver License Profile

You are probably wondering if there is a way to take a perfect passport photograph without being an expert photographer. Yes, you can achieve it once you know the requirments and follow them.


Find a plain wall or background to stand in front of

Avoid standing in front of wallpapers, tiles, and walls. Also, remove every object from behind and around you before setting the background.

What Attire to wear for your fake ID picture

  • glasses and sunglasses not allowed, except for medical purposes.
  • Avoid using makeup, accessories, or fancy clothes for your fake ID photographs. 
  • Don’t wear any uniform, unless a religious or daily attire.
  • Ensure that there are no headphones, gadgets, or wireless devices in your photograph.
  • Head coverings are not accepted, except for religious purposes. And then, the headgear should not leave a shadow. 

Facial Expression and Pose

  • You shouldn’t have a definitive facial expression
  • Your eyes must not be closed
  • Face the camera completely in a full face angle
  • Head backward, roated is not allowed
  • Look at carama with a neutral expression, eyes are clearly visible

Shadow and lighting

  • The photo background must be a white or off-white color. Other colored backgrounds don’t work for a passport or ID.
  • No Shadow on face and behind head
  • A black and white photo is prohibited, so you must get a colored picture, Natural lighting is great for ID passports

Size and Position

  • A photo should be 51 by 51 mm (2″ by 2″). The head must be centered and sized between 25 and 35 mm (1” and 1.4”)
  • Your passport must be current and not more than six months old

When you understand the above requirements, just do the following three steps to get a professional passport & driver license id photo very easily.

3 Steps Take a great passport & visa drliver license id photo with phone

  • Find a plain wall or background to stand in front of
  • Remove hat, sunglasses, and any accessories that cover your face
  • Ask your friends to frame the photo from your shoulders up

Use a Tripod to Take your Pictures

You can use a digital camera, smartphone, or tablet to take your ID photo, as long as it can get you quality pictures.

If you are taking your pictures alone, a tripod will help you to stabilize your phone and ensure that the photograph is stable. However, if you don’t have a tripod, you can get a friend to assist you in holding the camera and taking a picture of you.

Passport Photograph Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Are you looking to create a passport photograph with a simple process? Do you feel burdened by manual editing in passport photo creation? A better and easier option is available to you.

Artificial Intelligence helps you to automatically correct photo background, crop your face, and create a perfect passport photograph for several purposes.

Here are the steps to use this Artificial Intelligence feature

  • Visit the website (, select your country, and choose the type of document, and click on the AI feature.
  • Upload your photograph and allow the Artificial intelligence feature to do its job.
  • After a few seconds, you will see a preview of your image alongside your facial biometrics and the correct Background.
  • Download the sample photograph to cross-check the image
  • If you like the result, download and print your passport photo.

Final Thoughts and Additions 

All the tips we gave you above are based on information from the passport office. You can also get other vital pieces of information on the official website of the state department. 

Ensure to follow all the rules and guidelines when preparing, taking, editing, and mailing an excellent passport for your new fake ID.

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