Arizona Fake ID

Arizona Driver License and Nondriver Fake ID Card

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  • Arizonas map is printed on the photo that is perforated using laser technology.
  • The raised printing technology is used to print the tactile DOB.
  • The star and cactus symbol is an overlay.
  • Arizonas state outline overlapped with the main photo of the cardholder.
  • The IDs front is printed using the micro-printing technology.
  • There is the steal of Arizona at the card’s middle.
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New Look and Security Features on Arizona Driver License

Laser perforation
Fine Line
Ghost Image
Variable Laser
  • Laser Perforation – Illegal ID cards usually have small holes across the card created by a laser beam in the process of image reproduction, which can be identified either through touch or with a UV light source. On fake IDs, images or objects are not cut by lasers, and they are invisible under the light
  • Ghost photo – Many fake IDs usually don’t have a more transparent ghost photo behind personal information. Ghost image on the illegal ID is usually just lighter in colour, making it easier to detect.
  • Fine-line pattern –  The ID is not real if it doesnt have a precise, intricate pattern of continuously fine lines in the background that repeat a web-like curve or if it has an extra line or incorrect pattern.
  • Variable laser image – Legal ID images are laser-engraved into the card on a background of fine line graphics with tilting effect at different angles.

Types of Arizona Driver license

  • Brown – Commercial Learner’s Permit
  • Red – Nondriver License Identification Card
  • Green – Commercial Driver License or Non Domiciled CDL
  • Blue – Driver License – Compliant Real ID Indicator
  • Purple – Intermediate Driver License
  • The Vertical format applies to all uder 21 yers of age.
Normally, they will only take your card, and they don’t want to make trouble and affect their business. If the fraudulent ID is used by a person under age 21 to attempt to purchase alcohol, Business and Professions Code section 25661 prescribes a fine of at least $250 and between 24 and 32 hours of community service
Detect following security features on ID cards: Analyze the card with a naked eye, Tilt the ID toward the light, Sense of, touch detects many signs of fraud, Real ID has a specific sound when dropped on a hard surface.

Many businesses are increasingly aware that it is vitally important to verify a person’s identity and detect fake IDs during the transaction. Taking the time to properly and carefully check and spot forged ID using the naked eye alone will help you decide whether or not access to something ought to be granted.

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December 10, 2020

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