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A California Driver’s License (DL) contains personal information like the owner’s full name, date of birth, signature, photograph, physical description, and mailing address. Without one, you cannot operate a motor vehicle in California, and you are always required to carry yours around when driving.

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How to spot a california fake id

  • The signature of the cardholder is at the back.
  • It resembles real ID as it has the same grizzly bear of golden color at the upper right end of the card.
  • The card has an illustration of a minor in pale print.
  • To the card’s middle background there is the California state map’s illustration.
  • The state flower golden poppies of California printed right under the signature of the cardholder.
  • A vibrant hologram of state’s emblem with OVI is at the center.
  • A holographic overlay of the state seal presented on the card.
  • The initials are printed using raised-text printing.
  • The cardstock has laser-perforated holes.
  • The front has micro-printed headers.
  • The main photo and the DOB are overlapping and the DOB is printed using UV ink.
  • At the bottom of the card, there is a sail-boat symbol.
  • The cardholder has a duplicate photo as well.
  • There is a symbol of the coit tower and the golden gate bridge on the card which illuminates the application of light from the back.

Types of California Drivers License (DL)

Your DL can be a Commercial DL or a Non-commercial DL. The non-commercial category comprises sub-categories of licenses, with each sub-category authorizing the operation of a specific type of motor vehicle.  You can refer to the California Driver Handbook for more information.

  • Accepted at airport security checkpoints and federal facilities
  • Has a gold star in the corner
  • Valid for eight years in most cases
Driver License and identification card issued to persons under 21 vertical orientation

Lets take a look at these sub-types of licenses;

  • Basic DL (Class C) – Authorizes drivers to operate a standard vehicle or truck for personal use only on California roadways.
  • Motorcycle (Class M1 or M2) – Authorizes drivers to operate a wheel motorized motor vehicle.
  • Travel trailer with a fifth wheel (Non-commercial Class A) – Authorizes drivers to operate any 15,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) or a 10,000-pound GVWR trailer coach (provided the towing is not for compensation).
  • House car or Motorhome (Non-commercial Class B) – authorizes the driver to operate a vehicle over 40 feet but not more than 45 feet (with endorsement).

Get Familiar – Real ID DLs

  • Real ID Compliant DLs are commercial or non-commercial licenses that authorize an individual to access military bases, secure federal facilities, and to board domestic flights.
  • An always-present element on the California REAL ID Compliant DL cards is the California grizzly bear and a star, which is always on the upper-right hand corner of the front page.
  • You may be unable to apply for a REAL ID Compliant Card if you apply for a DL via AB 60.
Normally, they will only take your card, and they don’t want to make trouble and affect their business. If the fraudulent ID is used by a person under age 21 to attempt to purchase alcohol, Business and Professions Code section 25661 prescribes a fine of at least $250 and between 24 and 32 hours of community service

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