Top 3 Useful Websites for Creating False Identity

False identity may seem like a treacherous idea if you consider it at face value, but it isn’t. You can decide to create a fake identity online, especially if you feel threatened by spam or personality theft. 

Falsifying your identity is the best solution for any uncomfortable situation you find yourself in online. What appears to be untrue or unrealistic to you could be your solace realistically.

On several occasions, websites and apps will ask you to provide your private data after installation. They request this for user authentication and verification to prevent intrusions from strange users. Such a trade-off may not seem fair enough on your part, but it saves you from phishing issues, scams, and other internet risks. There are huge leaks and identity breaches that could put you at risk if you supply such information.

To be candid, if you are not planning to use a website for any financial purpose, it is unnecessary to provide your basic details. By the way, you also must steer clear of stating another person’s details because it is unethical to do so. Creating a false identity can be done on several websites without stress. You can achieve that at almost no cost except for premium features.

Protect your security and privacy on the internet with false disposable information regarding your personality. Let’s proceed to list the top 3 websites that can hide your identity and keep you safe and secure. 


The FakeNameGenerator website is known for its simple core design. Its features are detailed, giving it the topmost ranking among other websites. Creating a false identity has never been easier than it is with the FakeNameGenerator. 

Generate your complete bio-data with FakeNameGenerator

These include basic details like your full name, birthday, SSN, phone number, age, username, email address, password, physical features, employment details, and credit card information. 

You may require additional information on certain occasions, so you aren’t limited to only those details. You will be permitted to enjoy access to an inbox that is easily disposable after use on FakeNameGenerator. 

Personalize your identity after generating it.

 Do that via a simple selection of name-set, country, ethnicity, age range, and gender by following a slider percentage. 

This reputable website is capable of allowing you to sign in through a connected Google account. It helps to save your details in its database, so you don’t lose them. Are you planning to maintain a particular identity over a long time? Then FakeNameGenerator is the best choice. 

Surprisingly free of charge, you can place an order for bulk sets of false identities. Also, with a provision of some requirements, over 100,000 false identities could be prepared and forwarded to you via email. 


Unlike the first website we highlighted, the FakePersonGenerator does not support bulk creation or log-in. Although both websites are similar, the FakePersonGenerator differs because it offers extra identity credentials for only fewer characteristics. 

FakePersonGenerator provides extra details that FakeNameGenerator does not. Such information includes your biography, license info, passport details, quote, interests, security questions, and favorites like music, color, and movies. 

A photo shows with each identity generated but comes with a particular format of standard stock images with a neat look. 

When faced with providing in-depth information on very demanding websites, then FakePersonGenerator will do the required job excellently. All the nitty-gritty details you may need are available on the platform. 


The FauxID is a juicy combination of the first and second website features that we explained earlier. FauxID is similar to the FakeNameGenerator due to the extra features it generates. However, generating fake data is not part of its functionalities like the FakePersonGenerator does. 

FauxID displays a visually neat interface that shows icons of state flags, credit card suppliers, and country flags. It also displays an avatar randomly. It combines a QR code and an array of pixels that connect your identity as a user. 

The FauxID false identity provider generates a full name, phone number, address, age, credit card info, SSN, ethnicity, cryptocurrency address, internet details, bank info, employee, and company details. 

A permalink URL remains quoted below every identity page. You can easily share your details with contacts or bookmark them for future reference. It is equally possible to download your personal information either as a CSV or JSON file. 

Although the FauxID website does not support log-in accessibility, it can comfortably track down 10 of your recently generated data. Included in its functionalities is a method of extracting all identities generated. The page that displays the bulk of provided identities is readily available but will not be functional till after some time. 

Bottom Line 

For any online transaction, create a piece of false account information or identity. It should be as easy as possible with any of the top 3 websites highlighted above. Henceforth, bear in mind that whenever you register or transact business online, you are risking your identity. 

Note that some policies and conditions prohibit the use of false identities on selected websites. However, several others will not penalize you for doing so. 

Beware that your email address and password are vital information that requires extra protection compared with other details. Count yourself lucky because we have got you covered if your email account seems to have been hacked into. We are equally available and at your service, if your password appears to have leaked or compromised.